Pride Artificial Lawns is Ireland's leading supplier of artificial turf. We offer the best artificial grass available, combining superb installation with beautiful artificial grass that requires virtually no maintenance. Over 2,000 homeowners and organisations like McDonald's and City Halls have done their research and chosen Pride artificial grass. Time and time again, our satisfied customers have seen that we offer an exceptionally durable artificial grass that perfectly mimics natural grass.

Enjoy all-year-round green!

Have you ever imagined having a perfectly green lawn all year round?

Gardens without grass: an unthinkable idea! This is why so much time, effort and money is spent on lawn care, especially lawns which are rain-soaked and muddy or too hard, dry and pale.

Artificial grass is the solution: Maintenance is kept to a minimum, it can be used all year round and the colour is consistent. It is also environmentally friendly as it saves water and avoids the use of pesticides.

Whether you're looking for a beautiful, low-maintenance solution for your garden, or a carefree space for your pets, children or grandchildren, we're sure one of our lifestyle weed ranges will meet your needs.


Benefits of Artificial Grass

You may know that artificial grass saves you time and money, but did you know that it also has environmental benefits?

These are the main benefits of buying artificial grass from Pride Artificial Lawns.

  1. The grass is durable so you can expect it to last, especially in high traffic areas like sidewalks. Imagine no more slippery and muddy areas, no more muddy shoes or muddy dog paws to clean up! In addition, dead grass areas no longer have to be replaced. It has a durable finish and gives you the benefit of cutting your cleaning list down.
  2. Once the lawn is established, it requires only light maintenance, so you don't have to lug the mower around or get on your knees to weed the lawn. This of course saves you maintenance time and costs and is particularly useful when maintenance is not possible or sensible. It protects the environment and saves money.
  3. Because you don't need to water the artificial grass, this is ideal when water is scarce or in areas where hoses/sprinklers are prohibited.
  4. For those with water meters, it also offers savings. In hot weather, it is estimated that up to 75% of water in residential areas is used for lawn irrigation.
  5. For every millimetre of grass purchased, Pride Artificial Lawns helps protect the environment by purchasing carbon credits through the Woodland Trust, offsetting the environmental cost of the grass and the factory that produces it.
  6. By purchasing your grass through Pride Artificial Lawns, you are helping a local Irish business.

We’re always here to help and if you have a need for artificial, give us a call on 01-2011289 or 086-7956330 and we will chat through your options with you.


Get A Free Estimate

There are a few simple questions to think about before selecting your surface:

The numbers of hours of daily play on the artificial grass?
What sports do you wish to play on the astro turf sports surface?
What level of playing performance is required?
How will the astro turf pitch be funded?

The questions outlined above are not a complete list but will help you think about the astro turf pitch that you require. Why not call our fully trained staff and talk through your proposal before making any final decision?

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