Artificial Grass Playground Surfaces

Highest Quality Artificial Grass Playground Surfaces

When choosing artificial grass for schools and kindergartens, safety must come first. Using artificial grass for schoolyards and outdoor play areas gives you peace of mind that your play area is safe for children and in all weather conditions.

The importance of balancing fun and safety is close to the hearts of parents and racers alike, so it's no surprise that more and more playgrounds are being fitted with artificial grass — an additional bonus for parents.

Artificial Grass Products

Natural grass is subject to severe wear and tear over time. Artificial grass has many advantages over natural grass. For example, Artificial grass is much more resilient than natural grass, and it is suitable for a wide range of uses such as sports fields and roof gardens. It is environmentally friendly as it does not require watering and, perhaps most importantly, requires very little maintenance, no mowing or weeding!

Our range of artificial grass products is suitable for various applications depending on your requirements.

Why Choose Pride Artificial Lawns Surfaces?

That's a question we're happy to answer. We firmly believe in high standards of quality, sustainability, and enjoyment. Of course, we know that unless your neighbours can't tell the difference between artificial grass and natural grass, you won't even consider artificial grass.

This is what we offer at Pride Artificial Lawns:

  • Most natural-looking artificial grass available!
  • Our installers have been selected for their skills and passion for landscaping.
  • Proved quality and reliability
  • Safe for the environment and respect for nature
  • The latest technologies and innovations in the market
  • 8-11 years of warranty on UV stability, depending on UV strength
  • Over 12 years of proven experience

Relax And Enjoy Your Artificial Lawn With Pride Artificial Lawns Sports Surfaces

We offer the most natural artificial grass that money can buy. Our grass is ecological, sustainable, and durable. We offer you high-quality products with a solid guarantee. You will not be able to distinguish our products from natural grass—experience, skill, and passion for creating the perfect artificial grass for your garden. Artificial grass saves you money, time, water, and materials to maintain your garden. So, relax and enjoy your green garden.

How To Recognise Artificial Grass Quality?

It has become almost impossible for customers to determine which brands offer quality and which do not. As a non-specialist, it isn't easy to see the differences in quality. So, if all products look similar, people will choose based on price. Note, however, that there is a big difference in quality. For this reason, we feel it is essential to provide customers with advice and guidelines on how to recognise quality.

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Do they demand gardens without maintenance? Pride artificial grass is your answer!

Get the best value for money in high quality, natural-looking (810 years guaranteed) next-generation non-infill artificial grass.

Pride Artificial Grass is Ireland's premium supplier to the trade with over two decades of experience and the most extensive range of 2m and 4m cutting lengths.

Whatever the requirements you can be assured that we have the experience and range of products to meet them to cover

Get A Free Estimate

There are a few simple questions to think about before selecting your surface:

The numbers of hours of daily play on the artificial grass?
What sports do you wish to play on the astro turf sports surface?
What level of playing performance is required?
How will the astro turf pitch be funded?

The questions outlined above are not a complete list but will help you think about the astro turf pitch that you require. Why not call our fully trained staff and talk through your proposal before making any final decision?

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