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Pride Sports Artificial Grass Pitches

Pride Sports & Leisure offer a complete range of synthetic sports systems for all sports that utilise synthetic surfaces; Soccer, GAA - Football & Hurling, Rugby, Hockey, Tennis as well as many others.

All the sports surface systems we offer meet the required criteria of each specific sporting body - FIFA, GAA Code of Compliance, WR, FIH, ITF.

We offer multiple solutions to any Club, Community Centre, School, Council depending on their requirements.

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Pride Sports synthetic turfs are a one-stop solution for local authorities, colleges, and schools searching for a high-end synthetic surface to arrange sports throughout the year. Our wide range of cutting-edge synthetic turf systems ensure high quality features and fulfil the necessity for all sporting needs thoroughly.

We constantly focus on R&A to establish Pride Sports as an industry leader in synthetic grass technology. We maintain all the requirements through independent tests to ensure the final product is as per local and international accreditation. We dedicate our expertise and resources to delivering the best possible performance during varying weather conditions without any impediment.

Pride Sports’ artificial surfaces result from above-average synthetic grass carpet installed onto a dynamic stone base or engineered sub base. We prefer to use a shock pad underneath to cushion players’ joints and save them from untoward injuries. Then the infilling is done with rubber or sand, depending on the type of the project in concern. The outcome is a fantastic, durable, safe, and good-looking artificial surface that is not inferior to any high calibre natural grass surfaces.

When it comes to the carpet’s pile height, it entirely depends on the type of sports to be played on a particular surface. We would be more than happy to advise you on that!

No #1 Choice For Artificial Grass Turf Installation

If you are looking forward to installing or upgrading the sporting facility of your school or club, you are in the right place. In collaboration with you, our experts will walk you through the steps needed to pursue your goal.

Pitch size: Firstly, we need to decide on the pitch size you are aiming for. Some people want to make the most out of available space, whereas others take more of an economical approach. No matter what it is, we are always ready to help.

The second question you should be asking is, whether there would be competitive matches held on your pitch. If it is so, the pitch size must meet specific requirements. There is no need for a bigger than average synthetic grass pitch when you do not plan to hold competitive matches.

The area of the site you want to install on: Have you already allotted an area for installing the facility? If the answer is yes, you have to ensure that the pitch dimension fits within that area, while the size you go for makes the most of the available space.

Budget: Last but not least, you must consider the budget earmarked for the facility. To get a quote most efficiently, you could call us today at 01-2011289 or simply visit our Contact Us page to leave a query. Our team of experts will go through your requirements to propose suitable sizes that would serve you the best without ‘breaking the bank’.

What Option Is Best For You?

Before opting for a sports pitch, you should consider the following questions:

  • How many hours will the synthetic surface be used to play on?
  • What are the primary sports that will be played on the synthetic pitch?
  • What level of intensity is expected during the sports?
  • Do you need a self-finance through rental?
  • Will a shock pad be necessary beneath the turf?
  • What kind of certification is required for the synthetic pitch?

Get A Free Estimate

There are a few simple questions to think about before selecting your surface:

The numbers of hours of daily play on the artificial grass?
What sports do you wish to play on the astro turf sports surface?
What level of playing performance is required?
How will the astro turf pitch be funded?

The questions outlined above are not a complete list but will help you think about the astro turf pitch that you require. Why not call our fully trained staff and talk through your proposal before making any final decision?

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