Artificial Grass Hockey Pitches

Highest Quality Artificial Grass Hockey Pitch Installation

We offer a complete range of products for hockey clubs & schools – ranging from practice surfaces up to FIH Standard surfaces – these come in a variety of colours: Olive Green / Forest Green/ Terracotta / Blue


This is the most popular installed hockey surface, throughout the country – which achieves all the required criteria for FIH play.

This 18mm sand-dressed surface manufactured with knit-de-knit polyethylene is ideal for hockey clubs and schools

This surface is installed onto a 15mm in-situ shock pad or a pre-fabricated 17mm shock-pad.

WATER-BASED 13mm Grass

We offer a variety of water-based surfaces, from numerous manufacturers- who are Preferred Producers to the Hockey Federation. These surfaces, which are becoming more and more popular- require an irrigation system to water the surface before use.


This is a 20mm sand-filled surface that is ideal for training areas, where budgets are limited – with this surface, a club or school can install their synthetic surface either with or without a shock pad underneath. With the pad, it is a FIH Approved surface.

However, without the pad it does not achieve the criteria required – but is then ideal for other sports such as tennis and basketball.

Get A Free Estimate

There are a few simple questions to think about before selecting your surface:

The numbers of hours of daily play on the artificial grass?
What sports do you wish to play on the astro turf sports surface?
What level of playing performance is required?
How will the astro turf pitch be funded?

The questions outlined above are not a complete list but will help you think about the astro turf pitch that you require. Why not call our fully trained staff and talk through your proposal before making any final decision?

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