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Upgrade with Artificial Grass Balconies

Lifestyle City Artificial Grass

Lifestyle City is an attractive lawn that is easy to install, great if you plan to do it yourself. As a versatile artist, you can liven up your roof terrace, your balcony or even your motorhome with Lifestyle City.


If you are looking for a beautiful artificial turf that is easy to install and works in every way, Lifestyle City is an excellent option. Ideal for placement on rooftops or around swimming pools, this grass has a short, curly pile height of just 10mm, making it suitable for displays too. Not only is grass easy to cut and install, but it's also pet-friendly and non-flammable, making it perfect for those who love to fire up their grills.

  • 10mm pile-height hard-wearing synthetic grass surface
  • Suitable for conservatories, balconies, patios and display
  • UV-stabilised close tufted polypropylene curled pile
  • Latex backing is water resistant, pre-punched for drainage
  • Total weight approximately 1.6kg per sq. metre
  • Bright emerald-green pile with black backing
  • Available in roll widths of either 2m or 4m
  • Roll lengths: minimum 1m, maximum 25m – cut in 1m multiples
  • Suitable for gluing to a hard surface

We're always here to help and if you need commercial artificial grass, give us a call on 01-2011289 and we'll discuss your options.

You can learn more about the benefits of our grass or contact us to buy your artificial grass now!

Artificial Grass For Urban Spaces

"Green" is a real feel-good factor in our living environment. Lawn often forms the basis of green spaces. Beautiful fresh green lawn, nothing better for brightening up public spaces. Grass is certainly not the ideal material from a park management point of view. Lawns are prone to wear and tear and require intensive care. Artificial grass, on the other hand, has a high load-bearing capacity and is a strong, durable and low-maintenance solution for urban green spaces and economically responsible park management. The Pride Artificial Grass range features high quality, cost effective artificial grass products specifically designed for public landscaping.


Our website offers extensive information on artificial turf and examples of its use in public spaces. Artificial grass must be able to meet specific requirements for different types of landscaping projects. Artificial turf for a roundabout, for example, has to be laid differently. and it has to meet different requirements than the artificial turf for green roofs. Artificial grass for parks and public gardens is a relatively new concept and people's knowledge of the field is usually quite limited. As a quality and service-oriented manufacturer, Pride artificial turf will be happy to support you in the planning phase. Contact us for a non-binding consultation.

Environmental Aspects of Artificial Grass

Social responsibility plays an important role in shaping the public landscape. It is important to consider the environmental impact of the materials used. Therefore, the use of our lawn is suitable for responsible management of the park. Artificial turf means less maintenance, artificial turf does not grow. No more mowing, therefore no harmful emissions from motor lawn mowers, which saves money and protects the environment. Using artificial grass helps to save water. Artificial grass does not grow and therefore does not require water. In this way you can use our expensive drinking water responsibly. Our artificial grass is made from environmentally friendly raw materials. No hazardous substances are released into the environment and there is no soil pollution.

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There are a few simple questions to think about before selecting your surface:

The numbers of hours of daily play on the artificial grass?
What sports do you wish to play on the astro turf sports surface?
What level of playing performance is required?
How will the astro turf pitch be funded?

The questions outlined above are not a complete list but will help you think about the astro turf pitch that you require. Why not call our fully trained staff and talk through your proposal before making any final decision?

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