Football & Hurling


Due to the inclement weather conditions here in Ireland, natural grass pitches for every sport suffer severe wear and tear during the course of the season. The Pride Sports team, many of whom have played Football and Hurling, as well as soccer and rugby, have produced a number of products to meet the requirements of all sports, covering not only the 2009 GAA Code of Compliance, but also the IRB and FIFA criteria. The TRI-SPORTS product is our premier product designed to meet the requirement of all sports – but particularly Gaelic Football, Hurling & Camogie. This is a ‘heavy metal’ free, UV Resistant, 12,000 dTex, 400 micron monofilament product – providing an extremely durable playing surface with excellent pile recovery as well as excellent player/ ball interaction This surface is laid on a pre-fabricated shock-pad to achieve the GAA Code of Compliance criteria



The ALL IRELAND CLASSIC synthetic grass surface has been the most popular surface chosen by clubs, schools and councils in Ireland over the past 25 years. The Classic surface is our own, proven version of the tried-and-tested original 3G Fibrillated surfaces. Fibrillated surfaces were the standard in the industry, before the emergence of Monofilament fibres. Using the best in slit-film technology, polyethylene is extruded in sheets and slit into individual fibres with a unique interior honeycomb pattern. The fibres are then twisted and tufted into the backing. As the infill material is brushed into the system, the honeycomb in each fibre opens below the surface, filling with sand and rubber granules. In the final stages of infilling the tips of the fibres are split open and bend over to stabilise the infill. As the fibre is designed to bend over, it does so as the pitch settles with play and withstands heavy foot-traffic while remaining non-abrasive and silky. This surface is ideal for high-usage areas as it is very robust and retains its excellent playing characteristics throughout the life-span of the surface. The ALL IRELAND CLASSIC Synthetic Grass fibre system has been installed in over 400 locations throughout Ireland.

This surface is ideal for hurling walls, and high usage areas