We offer a complete range of products for hockey clubs & schools – ranging from practice surfaces up to FIH Standard surfaces – these come in a variety of colours: Olive Green / Forest Green/ Terracotta / Blue

PRO 18

This is our premier surface – having achieved all the required criteria for FIH play.

This is a 18mm sand-dressed surface manufactured with knit-de-knit polyethylene ideal for hockey clubs and schools

This surface is installed onto a 15mm in-situ shock pad or a pre-fabricated 17mm shock-pad.



This is a 20mm sand-filled surface that is ideal for training areas, where budgets are limited – with this surface, a club or school can install their synthetic surface either with or without a shock pad underneath. With the pad, it is a FIH Approved surface.

However, without the pad it does not achieve the criteria required – but is then ideal for other sports such as tennis and basketball.